The Cave


I hear footsteps coming closer. They are becoming louder and lounder. A lamplight apears on the wall. Oh gosh, not again I think. The cave is dark. A bone pile lies next to me. I can see the hand in the dark. It holds the light. The head and body is following the hand and then the whole human being enters the cave. I concentrate and lift my hand. I have done it too often in the past. A piratecoin lies on the ground. The cave is huge and it’s my cave. The air smells stale. A water puddle is between him and me on the ground. He wears a shirt and has short hair. I form an ice lance in my hand. I can’t feel its coldness. I can’t feel anything but sadness. Too many people have entered my cave and died. Then I lunge out. it doesn’t matter if he will see me or not. There are carves on the wall. Each carve is one dead person. I let the lance spring forward. On another stone I set a skull. From time to time I let his eyes glimm in the dark but not today. My eyes follow the lance in the dark. Because I can see in the dark. I was always able to see in the dark. Since I decided to become immortal. That was many centuries ago. He wears some green pants. In a moment they will turn red. The lance pearces his chest and half way through the lance gets stuck. Over the years I perfected my ice lances. They never break. The human being exhales. His shirt has some red spots. It’s not white anymore. The flashlight falls to the ground. Then it rolls a bit and the flashlight hits the water puddle. The light breaks and the cave shines blue. I stand up. there is a stone lying infront of the wall with the cavings. I will use it one more time.

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